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Hereafter we present the list of sessions related to phytolith research. In their abstracts you can read more about the session contents and main research questions: abstracts of the sessions (pdf)

Since the 12th IMPR has been merged with the 27th Annual Meeting of the EAA (European Association of Archaeologists), you will find the IMPR-sessions also in the EAA website under Scientific Program. Scientific Program

Your contribution for oral/poster presentation is very welcome!!!


List of sessions



• #246 - Phytoliths in integrated archaeobotanical and ethnoarchaeological studies

• #251 - Phytolith identification, classification and morphometry

• #256 - Phytoliths biogeochemistry - From phytoliths formation and role in modern plants to new proxies for archaeology and palaeoecology

• #319 - Phytoliths in geoarchaeology and micromorphology

• #340 - Phytoliths as a proxy for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction

IMPR-microscopy session:

• #342 - Phytoliths in soil thin sections

General EAA-session:

• #326 - Everything you always wanted to know about phytoliths (but were afraid to ask): Their contribution to the modelling of past human behavior